Some times in 1970-71, a group of friends in Nagpur thought, why could they not have a third Rotary club in Nagpur. R.C. Nagpur and later Nagpur-East were the only two clubs serving the big city having a population of over one million. The idea was upheld by R.C.Nagpur. There was ofcourse, some criticism, that Rotary would become “Dilute” by allowing a new club. Some seniors and in particular DG Bobby Srinivas firmly supported the formation of a new club. Past President Mavlankar of RC Nagpur was appointed the Governor's Special representative.

We meet every friday at 7.30 p.m
At Hadas High School, Nagpur

Our Mission

From energy independence to lowering your utility bill to protecting the ... When you choose to go solar and plug your home into the sun, it will fill you with ... electricity bills will be less than what you are currently paying to your utility. ... Let's see if your home looks perfect for solar. ..

Our Mission

Guiding Lights And Inspiration For Us :

R.I. President
Rtn Barry Rassin

District Governor DG Rtn Rajiv Sharma

Rtn Col Mukesh Shahare

Hon. Secretary Rtn Vivek Garge